MSD-200 series devices for precise distribution of pulses and digital signals over a distance of up to 10 km1 using coaxial cable, single-pair twisted pair, or single-mode optical fiber. Very high resistance to interference, independence from GNSS systems A spectrophotometer operates in visible light from 400 to 700 nm. Using unique algorithms and AI allows quick evaluation of food products such as fruit, eggs, and vegetables. The Sync1PPS system ensures precise time synchronization in remote (up to 10km1) nodes connected by twisted pair or single-mode fiber. It provides automatic signal transmission time compensation over the cable, ensuring a uniform time scale at all nodes. Its nano-second synchronization accuracy allows it to be used in many solutions as an alternative to PTP. Due to the hardware nature of the work, it is completely resistant to cyber-attacks.

1) Depending on the type of connection: coaxial cable up to 15m, twisted pair up to 500m, optical fiber up to 10km.